Professional Resources Solutions


What We Serve


  1. Identifying the requirements and need for the role
  2. Designing job and person descriptions
  3. Candidate screening
  4. Candidate profiling
  5. Short-listing applicants
  6. Interviewing
  7. Drafting of Employment Agreement according to Saudi Labour Laws and MOHRSD
  8. Pre-employment checks & gathering references.


Being busy is one of the hallmarks of a successful business, but keeping high quality shouldn’t be compromised as it is the key to guaranteeing sustenance and growth. PRS offers helping aid to successful and promising businesses that are excessively occupied and fails to examine non-revenue generating functions, such as payroll, procurement, or logistics. We have become a dependable ally to the rising titans of all industries, filling any key corporate departmental role that demands enhanced attention.

Below are some of Our HR Services.


Client Question

  • Allocate the right person to the right job
  • Improve hiring quality
  • Improve recruitment performance
  • Minimize recruitment process cost
  • Leverage employee retention, thus achieving a higher return on human capital investment

Professional Resources Solutions (PRS) is a consulting organization including consultation on HR services that provides all HR Functional to meet the needs of organizations. Our company has experienced HR professionals committed to fulfilling the talent and other HR Functions requirements of its client(s).  

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